Wednesday, March 18, 2009

.oh tag #12


.tag from jiji najiy ~

I thought only in blogsphere people love to tag each other.Just like a virus, now it's been spread to Facebook as well.Instruction:Use this link and insert 10 of your friends name there. [Link:] If you been tagged in Facebook, choose your Facebook friends. If you been tagged in Blogsphere, choose any bloggers that you want.My Notes : Some of my friends in Facebook, also bloggers! So, here's the questions that I copied after insert some of your names there.

[The questions are really random - don't be angry ya?]

1. Who would win in a duel, pj or sis hel? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?
.both kalah~ .hahaha

2. What would you do if you hadn't met kf [tp] ?
.nk buat ape lagik? .buat bodo sudey .mmg x pnh jmpe pown :P

3. If ara played in a movie, what kind of character would they play?
.emm wonderpet? .jadik mingming :D .hahaha

4. shazika just got vaporized in a freak accident. Now what?
.ish ish ish mintak simpang

5. How would naga perang insult sis hel?
.i dunno .ask him oke~ :P

6. What was your first impression of sis hel?
.die x sombong :)

7. Who's eyfa dating?
.her bf lol~ ejal :P

8. sis suziey is actually sis hel in disguise, you know.
.reali? .i dunno! (mcm mami jarum plak~) .haha

9. Who's ej dating?
.me? :P

10. aduka and sis suziey are forced to roleplay out a verbal couple fight. Who gets to play the wife?
.mesti la sis suziey~ die kan pompuan n die da jadik wife laki die pown :D

:) .intanurulfateha


PJ selamba said...

nampaknya cik intan dah insaf dari amalan tag mengetag...

♥ cik intanurulfateha ♥ said...


.kite da insaf
.x mcm pj tuu
.hehe :p
.taubat la cpt pj!

khaLifah feDi [ THE PEIN ] said...

hahaha bgus2 arr jgn gadoh2 ea korg dh satu team harus kerjasama cm wonderpet ok lalala..........

*senyum aje leader pein nie tgk korg nie..

♥ cik intanurulfateha ♥ said...

~kf [tp]

.wonderpet wonderpet kami dtg! :D

[-suziey-] said...

pheww..tag marathon:p

khaLifah feDi [ THE PEIN ] said...

emm intan tag yg maner kf kna nie..yg ini ker yg bwh tue..?

♥ cik intanurulfateha ♥ said...

~sis suziey

.huhu marathon la sgt =p

♥ cik intanurulfateha ♥ said...

~kf [tp]

.bukan yg niii

khaLifah feDi [ THE PEIN ] said...

bukn yg nie..hehehe..

oh tag 11 ea ok..akn dipertimbangkn ok..

♥ cik intanurulfateha ♥ said...


.ape plak dipertimbangkan
.mmg kene buat oke~ :P

khaLifah feDi [ THE PEIN ] said...

yelah2 pein3..

"wonderpet dtg membantu"

♥ cik intanurulfateha ♥ said...

~kf [tp]

.pnggil la powerpuff gal~ :D

khaLifah feDi [ THE PEIN ] said...

tamao arr baek aku pggl bdk2 pein eh slh baek aku call doraemon aje..

♥ cik intanurulfateha ♥ said...


.doremon pown doremon la kf :P


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