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.MGT 417 #5 - .My Family, My Everything!


Salam Readers~

And hello to non-muslim readers. Today, I would like to share a story about my family. I have a happy family. I have a cool daddy, a sporting mom, a pretty sister, a cute little sister and two little brothers. Err not so little actually. He he. My grandma also stays with us.

*This picture was taken during the previous Eid ul Fitr*

My daddy, Baharom bin Mat Dain is a policeman. He works at IPD Muar as an investigate officer while my mom is a nurse. My mom works at Klinik Kesihatan Air Hitam, Muar, Johor. I called my daddy, Abah and my mom as Mama. My grandmother is Ramlah binti Abdullah. I called her Nenek. Nenek is mama's mother. She lives with us since I was a child.

My sister's name is Intan Nurlemsha binti Baharom. She is a fisheries at Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia, Penang. She is 26 years old and will get married on this becoming November with her fiance. Her fiance who is my future brother in law is Ahmad Safwan bin Md Zin. He works as graphic designer.

During My Sister's Engagement Day

I have 2 brothers which are Muhammad Adib bin Baharom and Muhammad Afiq bin Baharom. Adib is 22 years old and studying at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu in Bachelor of Science (Chemical Sciences) in the third year. While Muhammad Afiq had just finished his PMR examination and now in Form 4, taking Science and Technology for SPM by next year.

My youngest sister is Intan Nurbatrishya Abdullah. Actually, she is not my biological sister. We adopted her since she was a baby. Although she is not my biological sister, we still love her as she meant so much to our family and bring happiness to us. She is a very adorable girl. She can sing so many songs eventhough it is not really fluent. Now, she is studying in the kindergarten nearby. Oh, she is just a 3-years-old-girl! :)

*My Home Sweet Home*

I love my family so much. No one can replace them in my heart. That's all about my family. Thank You. :)

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

I blog this to fulfill my second task which is:

b) The web page that you have developed should have the following sections:
--- Information about yourself, includes your photo(s)
--- At least 3 posts/essays written by you. (Around 450 words) *3rd entry
--- At least 3 articles, including your comments, that are relevant to your studies.
--- At least 3 external links to other Internet-sites.

Enough said for now.

Thank you.



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